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Choose your place of reception

If you want to reduce the environmental impact of your wedding, choose a reception venue close to your ceremony. Fewer kilometers and fewer cars will encourage guests to ride. Ideally, choose a place with accommodation on site, so you limit the trips for your guests, and thus the impact of travel. In order to get more information about responsible wedding event, you may always check various web sites.

Use the good caterer

Choosing a caterer is essential for a responsible eco wedding. Few offer menus from seasonal, fresh, local and ideally organic products, but they do exist. Some even offer vegetarian or vegan meals. For drinks, seasonal fruit flavored water will replace soft drinks and tap water will be put in beautiful carafes or pretty jars or lemonade dispenser. Remember to plan (or ask your caterer) trays to condition the remains of dinner. So you reduce waste, and can enjoy the next day. The place will however have to have fridges for the chain of cold is respected.

Think of a more responsible paper mill

Of course you can opt for a digital invitation, the most economical paper solution. But if you still want to send paper wedding announcements, do not hesitate to think of them in a more eco responsible way. Stationery designers offer collections and prints on recycled paper and work with printing companies labeled. Choose recycled paper envelopes and green stamps, or why not even print your stationery on fabric.

Crack for fair jewels

The jeweler, gold and diamond market in particular, can still be a source of many negative ecological and human impacts. For your jeweler, be sure to choose only stones that follow the Kimberley process (ie diamonds that are not from war trading). You can also use the old family jewelry gold or you no longer wear, or choose a vintage ring found at an antique dealer for example. The cultivation and transportation of the culled flowers that we usually find on events involves a big environmental impact. But it is possible to overcome this to appeal to a florist who included this ecological dimension in his creative approach. Seasonal flowers (do not hesitate to consult my calendar of flowers), grown in country and from reasoned crops, will limit the ecological impact. You can also opt for potted plants, which can be replanted in gardens, your own or that of your guests. A simple and plant decoration, created from plants and foliage gleaned in your garden will also be a very nice alternative to cut flowers.

Offer local gifts!

It’s a very simple way to bring a reasoned dimension to your day. Homemade candles with organic soy wax, organic seed packets to plant, jars of homemade jam with the fruit of the corner grower, jars of honey from the village beekeeper next door, a bowl or a nice mulled mug, do not hesitate to choose a guest gift in an ecological, ethical, or local approach.